Raising Awareness to Save Lives.

Cardiac Device Infection: Deadly, Misdiagnosed, and Under-treated

In the United States alone, there are nearly 3 million implanted cardiac devices – the pacemakers and defibrillators that keep human hearts beating. And each one of those devices is attached to the heart itself with multiple wires, or “leads.” Spectranetics, the pioneer in laser lead removal and laser atherectomy, knew what practically no one else did: that there was an under- and misdiagnosed deadly problem: cardiac device infection. In fact, more than 65% of potentially deadly device infections are undertreated, leading to recurring infections, endocarditis (an infection of the heart itself), and death.

What’s more, Spectranetics knew there was a solution to this problem. The four major heart associations all agree that the presence of a systemic infection or device pocket infection is a Class I indication to remove all hardware, including device leads. But patients and doctors alike can easily miss the fact that a device is infected. An infection is best recognized by a surgeon who specializes in implanting cardiac devices.

Spectranetics needed to make both patients with suspected device infections and non-specialist physicians aware of this.

Getting the Right Message to the Right People at the Right Time

That’s where Posit Partners came in–to create a compelling campaign to encourage medical professionals to refer patients to the right physician at the right time, a move that could save tens of thousands of lives. Working with a small, dedicated team, we developed:

  • A messaging guide
  • A creative platform
  • A series of print ads and banner ads
  • Campaign posters
  • A presentation module
  • An online brochure
  • Web content
  • An interactive infographic.

The campaign creative drew the eye to the urgency of the need, and a rallying cry of: Device + Infection = Referral made the call to action clear. Spectranetics launched www.deviceinfection.com to offer healthcare providers and patients alike the essential information they need in order to recognize the signs of infection early, and get treatment quickly.