Got a minute? We’ve got an idea. #4


Here’s the fourth in our series of short videos about strategic positioning and messaging for cleantech innovators.

Substance vs. style

“All hat and no cattle.” If people said this about you personally, you’d be angry. But if people said this about your business, you’d be in trouble. Nobody wants to work with a company that’s more style than substance.

The value of your business lies not in your logo, but what’s behind it. Too often we see marketing organizations make huge investments of time, money and energy in the cosmetic stuff, when what they’d benefit from most is a closer look at the unique value they provide the market.

And yet it’s common to hear people refer to their “brand,” when what they’re really referring to is their graphic identity—the company’s name, logo, tagline, color palette, typefaces… In fact, these visual elements are only part of the equation.

Substance should inform style, not the other way around.

Your brand begins with what you believe in principle and what you stand for in practice. We call this your brand position. It’s where strategy meets story. Your business goals inform the narrative you tell as a brand.

So what makes a great position? It’s more than a nice logo, a clever tagline or a cool Web site. It’s a statement about the substance behind your style: a strategic stance—in the context of the competitive marketplace—that tells people how you see your business. So they know how to see it too.