Got a minute? We’ve got an idea. #3

Here’s the third in our series of short videos about strategic positioning and messaging for cleantech innovators.

Strategy vs. tactics

The face of branding has changed. The company website has replaced printed collateral as the primary focus of marketing communications. And if you’re like about half of the startups we talk to, you think your website isn’t doing everything it could for you.

You’ve started to think of it the way you might think about a building in need of renovation. You wish it were more up-to-date.  You make mental notes about the changes you’ll make when you can find the time. You wonder what a whole new design would cost, and whether you can afford it.

Our advice? Start asking different questions. In the big picture, what matters to your business is not the price – or face – of your website, but the framework, the value of the thinking behind it. Forget what tactics cost and focus instead on what a strategy is worth.

We like to get there by asking “Why?” You want to redo your website? Launch an ad campaign? Attract a thousand Twitter followers? Why? Does it serve your overall strategy? Do you have a strategy?

Ask yourself what your marketing efforts must contribute to your business over the next 18 months. If it’s sharper competitive differentiation, think positioning strategy. If it’s clearer, more consistent communication with prospects, partners and PR folks, think messaging strategy. Is it simple name recognition? Consider a brand awareness campaign. Based on strategy.

In short, whatever your marketing goals are, make sure you’ve got a solid foundation in strategy. With a sound position, a clear message and a distinctive brand voice, your website will be a whole lot more effective. And so will everything else.

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