2010 Cleantech Open


For five years, the Cleantech Open has been on a mission “to find, fund, and foster the big ideas that address today’s most urgent energy, environmental, and economic challenges.” For the past two of those years, Posit Partners has been an in-kind sponsor, providing one-on-one consulting and webinar instruction for companies in the annual business competition. This year, we were honored to attend the 2010 Cleantech Awards Gala in San Jose, to see in person how 18 startups positioned themselves to attract support.

The contestants’ technologies ran the gamut from biodegradable fire suppression technology to algorithms that can predict inverter failure in solar and wind farms. The Rocky Mountain region had an exceptionally strong showing this year; the region’s winner, INOTEC, removes metals and inorganics from wastewater using an electrobiochemical reactor. It’s complex technology, but it’s a simple story: cleaner water at a lower cost.

Posit Partners wishes all the best to all this year’s alumni. It’s inspiring to witness the ingenuity, effort, and dedication of these innovators, and of the entire Cleantech Open crew. We can’t wait for next year!