Explaining the Capacity for Change. Innovari offers an innovative platform that empowers utilities and their customers to become allies in increased grid performance, provision of affordable and reliable energy, and community improvement. To a person, each Innovari employee is dedicated to and believes that the company truly offers the capacity to change the way the world uses energy. Such passion for cleantech solutions often comes with a passion for getting the word out as quickly as possible.

Innovari recognized that in order to tell their story in a way that would resonate with utilities, regulators, investors and analysts alike, they had to quickly isolate the right messages and present them powerfully. They engaged Posit Partners to create a messaging guide for internal use, as well as web copy that would tell the story of their technology and their company in a way that was easy to understand, compelling, and provided the right amount of technical information. A solid foundation of audience research was provided and, working with key stakeholders, Posit Partners was able to help Innovari tell their story effectively, efficiently, and with the passion that drives their innovative spirit as an organization.