Strategic Positioning and Messaging

Launching a new line of business or a new product requires consistent, compelling positioning and messaging that will ensure all stakeholders tell the same story in the same way. We offer:

  • Positioning Strategy: Based on brand audits and internal and external interviews as well as critical and creative thinking, we help you carve out a unique stance in the marketplace.
  • Brand Messaging: Based on your positioning strategy and target audience(s), we establish a messaging architecture that will best serve your needs, craft compelling messaging and draft market-ready copy that you can use in multiple tactics.
  • Tagline Development: A tagline is a single phrase that sends a powerful signal to investors, the media, your customers, your employees and your prospects. It has to clearly communicate the essence of your company and stand the test of time. Posit Partners can create memorable, honest taglines that help your company stand out in the marketplace.
  • Brand Voice: Every great brand has a distinctive look-and-feel. Every great brand also has a distinctive voice. We’ll help you define your company’s voice – how you sound to your constituents – and document it in an easy-to-use guide for agencies and employees alike.


PowerPoint doesn’t ruin presentations. People do. Whether you’re developing a keynote for your CEO or pitching that CEO on a new idea, count on us to help you make your case, create a story that flows, and design slides that make an impact.

Marketing Communications

Once we define your position and create your messaging, we can extend those to compelling communications created with your specific audience’s needs in mind. These can include:

  • Campaign Platforms
  • Brochures
  • Website Copy and Design
  • Posters
  • Sales Sheets
  • Presentations
  • Videos

Sales Enablement

Every sales team has different needs, but they each require tools that are easy to use and tell a cohesive story. We can help with:

  • PocketTalk™: A simple interactive tool for addressing needs by segment and handling objections, this concise reference prepares reps to close deals efficiently.
  • Sales Pitches: Often modular, these product- or corporate-focused presentations equip sales teams to have fruitful conversations.