Silver Spring Networks

Powering Change, Changing Power.  Silver Spring Networks,  a leading networking platform and solutions provider for smart energy networks, knew their products and services could make a big difference in the amount of energy the world consumes. But they were faced with a challenge: cultivating grassroots support at a consumer level. Studies showed that once consumers were educated about electricity generation, distribution and consumption, they were in support of a modernized, or “smart”, grid. However, no one was leading the charge in providing that education.

Silver Spring Networks engaged Posit Partners to create a campaign that would educate consumers about how electricity is generated, distributed and consumed, and that would motivate them to make positive changes. Posit Partners provided strategy, naming, content, and ongoing consulting support.

In the course of creating the strategy for the initiative, the team came to the realization that an initiative sponsored by a single company may lack credibility, as consumers are less likely to trust that the information would be unbiased. To make this effort a success would require a consortium of trusted sources. It would also require more than a website; social media would be key to its success.

The result? The award-winning Power Over Energy educational initiative, supported by a collection of companies and entities that are committed to providing consumers with the knowledge they need to take control of their electricity usage. These partners include:

  • The Clean Coalition
  • The US Department of Energy
  • The Edison Foundation’s Institute for Innovation, Electricity, Efficiency
  • The Environmental Defense Fund
  • Global Green USA
  • Gridwise Alliance
  • The Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative
  • Silicon Valley Leadership Group
  • Sustainable Silicon Valley
  • ….and of course, Silver Spring Networks

Content is (Still) King

After naming the initiative, Posit Partners created the website strategy, information architecture, look-and-feel, and a number of initial advertisements. The strategy included engaging readers through interactive quizzes that provide useful information about energy. After handing off the information architecture, look-and-feel, and page design to programmers, Posit Partners tackled the next mountainous task: creating content.

Using reputable, non-commercial sources as a foundation, Posit Partners wrote the multiple quizzes and quiz answers, sourced base infographics, and composed all other copy for the site.

Winning Hearts, Minds…and an Award

With the launch of, Silver Spring Networks made a critical choice: They engaged a social media manager to promote the initiative. As the team watched the Facebook “likes” climb from 500 to 1,000 and then quickly to 10,000, we were intrigued to see not just nationwide but worldwide consumer engagement. In 2013, the Power Over Energy Facebook community won a “Griddie” award in the “Online Exchanges” category that included interactive social media, web, tablet, or smart-phone apps that help family members or businesses choose relevant actions or programs to use energy more effectively. Today, the organization is liked by more than 375,000 people around the world.